The unfair portrayal of young people

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The unfair portrayal of young people

Background[ edit ] In the comedy The Merchant of Venicethe character of Shylock lends a fellow merchant money.

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His defiant nature supposedly stems from a desire to avenge the unfair treatment of his Jewish people by Christians. Shylock is ultimately humiliated by the Christian court, his daughter disobeys him and marries out of race, and he is swindled out of his bond and forced to convert.

The unfair portrayal of young people

At the time it was written, in 16th-century Venice, Jewish citizens were locked in the ghetto at nighttime and were forced to wear identifying hats during the day. His portrayal during past productions presented Shylock as a clown or tragic victim. Davies, a well-educated thespian, clarifies that Shylock was met with antagonism not because of outrage at his portrayal, but because of his recognized status as villain of the play.

Davies argues that art and theatre should be provocative and challenging, regardless of potentially offensive or uncomfortable subjects.

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Themes[ edit ] The play addresses questions surrounding the diverse nature of art, the role and duties of the artist and the theatre in regards to audience reaction and critical response.

Its clutter-free set creates an intimate, relatable setting, while its dialogue is praised for adeptly engaging the audience with wit and humor. Retrieved January 19, Retrieved January 18, Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project.A further 15% feel that the unfairness is a result of a lack of focus on the fact that older people can still be healthy and active.

8% feel that the unfair portrayal is the result of an overly rosy image of ageing, 7% feel that it is a result of a focus on funeral  · One of Scotland Yard's most senior female officers has defended the portrayal of women in The Bodyguard, insisting it is accurate and does not damage the fight for gender We need to re-consider the negative and unfair portrayal of Generation Y's qualities.

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Any parent would be pleased to know their children will be taught by such outstanding young people. Mercurius Goldstein is a final-year student teacher at the University of › Home.

· Ageism has significant effects on the elderly and young people. These effects might be seen within different levels: individual person, selected company, whole economy.

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The stereotypes and infantilization of older and younger people by patronizing language affects older and younger people's self-esteem and Unfortunately, a lot of the discussion ignores the underlying root of most of these issues – that #MediaImagesMatter, and that the media contributes to the negative portrayal, and therefore the unfair treatment, of people of  · One theme that has been especially ignored is the portrayal of sexual issues related to gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals.

Portrayals of gay people of any age have been rare and often ; Moritz, ), and portrayals of young nonheterosexuals are even less common (Kielwasser & Wolf, ). Shows for adolescent audiences often

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