Viscoelastic damper master thesis


Viscoelastic damper master thesis

Finally the effect of mechanical vibrations could be observed from the point of view of the driver, perceiving different levels of comfort, or of the structures, that will be affected by fatigue stresses.

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Each step of the project would be performed adopting both numerical and experimental approach. Source - Engine The characterization of the engine as vibrations source could be done from two point of view: Source - Road Vibrations induced by the road unevenness could be observed following two different approaches with the same final target to characterize road excitation.

Path - Engine The transfer path of the vibrations induced by engine unbalances involves engine mounts, bushings and frame. In order to characterise such components two approaches can be followed: From such analysis an optimal layout of system parameters can be obtained engine mounts positions, stiffness, etc.

Path - Road Vibrations induced by road unevenness are transmitted through tires and suspensions to the vehicle frame. The analysis of the transfer path can be done: Exposure - Driver Driver exposure to mechanical vibration can be characterized via experimental approach, while numerical analysis can be exploited to reduce vibrations affecting the driver: Exposure - Fatigue The analysis of the fatigue stresses of the vehicle structure or a part of it has the target to estimate collective damages and to define solutions to extend its fatigue life.Jun 12,  · This video shows the impact of a new visco-elastic damping force proposed by Sebastian Krijt from Leiden University.

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Peer Reviewed Journal With the current surge in national economy the industrial traffic has increased many folds in terms of quantity of load and traffic volume.
Viscoelastic Structural Damper — Transient Analysis Bridget Cunningham August 20, In the design of many structures, a particular area of concern is exposure to seismic and wind-induced vibrations.
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Analysis of Innovative Design of Energy Efficient Hydraulic Actuators Download Dissertation Abstract Offshore platform by the role of environmental loads such as wind, waveflow and icethese external loads have a significant long-term continuity characteristicsthereforeoffshore platforms in the course of more obvious than onshore structurescontinuous vibration problems. This paper summarizes the research at home and abroad on the basis of vibration control research status of offshore platformmarine platform the viscoelastic damping control technologyusing viscoelastic dampers for vibration control of marine platform strategy.

Research and applications of viscoelastic vibration damping materials: A review They developed both analytical and experimental models of a single-unit impact damper.

The results showed that a significant noise and vibration reduction could be achieved by using a proper amount of tungsten powder. (HSDT) and researched the displacement. The viscoelastic dampers can be modelled as complex springs K = K0*(1+j*eta), where eta is the structural loss factor.

With MSE, you can see which dampers truly add damping. ii Experimental and Analytical Investigations of Rectangular Tuned Liquid Dampers (TLDs) Hadi Malekghasemi Master of Applied Science Department of Civil Engineering.

Did you know that you can model viscoelastic structural dampers using COMSOL Multiphysics? To get you started, we have created a tutorial model. The Viscoelastic Structural Damper model can be found in the Model Gallery as well as within the Structural Mechanics Module Model Library. dampers, this paper focuses on possibilities of making a working prototype replacement of damper 2. Saidi. Development of a Viscoelastic Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Walking Induced Vibrations in Build- ing Floors, Thesis of Doctor of Philosophy, Amortecedores de Massa Sintonizados,” Master Thesis, Universidade de Brasília, Brasília. A passive linear EM damper is essentially a permanent magnet linear motor which is able to produce electrical power from motions. Fig. 1(a) shows a typical configuration of a linear moving-magnet DC is composed of two major components – a permanent magnet and coils.

Home» Understanding Viscoelastic Damping and Treatments using Typical Adhesive Materials. Understanding Viscoelastic Damping and Treatments using Typical Adhesive Materials.

May 29, Shown in the graph are the discrete material-property data collapsed onto one master curve by shifting the data in the frequency domain so as to assume. Type: Master's thesis Year: Downloads: analysis of the effectiveness of viscoelastic dampers for vibration control of marine platform.

viscoelastic damper master thesis

This study shows that using viscoelastic dampers to control the vibration of offshore platform is effective because it does not require outside energy input, no active control, semi-active.

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